Tenant Handbook

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Mail Service

The United States Post Office serving 707 17th Street and Johns Manville Plaza is located at 915 20th Street. A Postal Station is located in Johns Manville Plaza, between the elevator lobbies in the back hallway, this is where the daily mail can be picked up.

The 707 17th Sreet mail drop is located on the first floor of the building behind the low-rise elevators, next to the restrooms. The daily pick-up schedule is posed at the drop box. Tenants may drop off packages and certified mail ONLY if they have postage already on them.

Tenants requiring the use of four-wheeled carts for their mail deliveries must use the freight elevator.

Correct mailing format is:

       Firm Name
       707 (or 717 for Johns Manville Plaza) 17th Street, Suite ______
       Denver, CO 80202

For your convenience, there are overnight drop boxes for FedEx and UPS located in the 707 lobby hall way across from the lobby restrooms and in the 1st floor Service Elevator vestibule at Johns Manville Plaza.




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