Tenant Handbook

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Tenant Alterations and Construction

Alterations to tenant suites require the approval of the Management Office. Requests to make alterations should be sent in writing to the Property Manager. Only contractors approved by the management office can perform alterations. All construction contractors including general, electrical, plumbing and phone contracts must register with the management office at least one week prior to performing any work in the building. Installing or maintaining systems that affect the building’s infrastructure, such as HVAC equipment, electrical, or communication equipment, computer or alarm systems, power or fire protection, much also be coordinated with and approved by the management office.



Whenever plumbing service is required, please contact the Management Office. All appliances such as ice makers, refrigerators, dishwashers and water lines for coffee makers and wet bars must be properly maintained. Please report all water leaks to the Management Office immediately.


Window Covering

The building is equipped with blinds in all suites as a building standard. To maintain a consistent, professional image both inside and outside, it is more attractive to maintain blinds at the same levels throughout. Any window treatment including blinds must be approved by the Landlord.


Damage to Premises

Any damage to the premises done or caused by the tenant will be repaired by the Landlord at Tenant’s expense. This includes damage done to restroom or kitchen plumbing caused by dumping coffee grinds or food into commodes or lavatories, or damage to building thermostats caused by employees attempting to adjust the temperature.

Services such as installation of communication, computer and alarm systems must also be approved on a Landlord Approval Form.


Smoking Area

Is located on the Stout Street side adjacent to the bus stop on the corner of 18th Street in the designated area.




We invite you to learn how to implement your own emergency preparedness plans by using the resources from our PREP website.


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